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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of FantEssay tells you when, where and how your information will be used and stored. It also tells which information is required by the company.

The Best Privacy policy of Fantessay to know about the security and safety of data

The privacy policy tells you how, when and where the customer’s provided information will be used, what kind of information is required, where the data will be stored, and how it will be collected.

 Before providing your information to anyone, you must read the privacy policy carefully and ensure that your information will be safe and will not be shared with anyone outside. Without accepting our privacy policy, customers cannot use our services

FantEssay Privacy policy

This privacy policy of Fantessay will provide you with information about your provided data. It helps you understand how we protect and keep your data confidential. 

When you access the website of Fantessay, you accept all our website’s privacy policies. 

So, you need to know our website’s policy because a few things are shared with a third party for advertisement and other purposes. 

For example, if you want to buy a research paper online from Fantessay, you must read the privacy policy to clarify everything.

What information does FantEssay collect?

Personal information:

When you fill out the order form, Fantessay requires your name, email address, age, username, password and other registration information. 

It also asks for payment information, including debit/credit card details and billing or shipping information. 

Purpose of getting personal information:

Fantessay gets personal information from customers so that our expert writers can find the accounts and profiles to provide them with the best academic writing services. We need personal information to provide our services. Moreover, we can also contact the customer through email or through a contact number in case of any query or to get feedback. If we make any changes to our privacy policy, we can notify you using this information.  

Personal information is also required for the payment process. 

Non-personal information:

Fantessay essay also asks for non-personal information such as IP address to understand the customer’s problems and needs.

Some information is automatically collected when someone visits our website. It includes the information of devices from which someone visits our website, Cookie id, country and location of the user, language preferences, and referring URLs. 

Moreover, when someone visits our website, it automatically collects information about when our services were used and how they used them. Information is collected for the security of our services and internal analysis, reporting and social media marketing. We use cookies to collect such data. But the collected information doesn’t reveal the user’s identity. 

Social media data:

Fantessay provides customers with the option that if they already have an account on Facebook, Google or any other account, they can register with our website using these social media accounts. But they must provide information related to their profile, including name, email address and other information related to that account. 

Fantessay payment information:

After placing an order on Fantessay, clients must pay for the services. Then the payment procedure is carried out by the payment processor, who collects and processes the payment details. This information is sent to the third party for further processing. 

The information includes the customer’s first and last name, the last four digits of the card and the transaction number. But this information is not stored permanently. This data is necessary to process the payment and provide customers with services. 

Fantessay’s privacy policy ensures that we never sell or transfer your data to anyone. Your particulars are provided to a third party for a few reasons described above. 

It ensures that your provided information is safe, secure, and processed appropriately. We store your data until you have an account on our website. When you are no longer a user of our website, we must delete all your details.

Fantessay changes and updates its website’s privacy policy to meet the new requirements. So the customer must visit the website frequently to get updated about new policies. 

If you have any questions related to our privacy policy, you can contact us: [email protected]

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