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Refund Policy

The best Refund Policy of Fantessay writing services

The refund Policy allows the customers to request repayment in case of any issue related to their work. If unsatisfied with the service, they can ask for a refund. 

FantEssay is responsible for providing customers with the best quality writing services. They also provide the surety of quick delivery. But if our website couldn’t meet the customers’ requirements and couldn’t deliver the content on time, then customers have the right to request a refund. They can make a refund request by contacting our support team.

The following are some conditions under which customers can request for refund:

Cancellation of order:

Sometimes after placing the order, customers want to cancel it. If they fulfil the following requirements, they can ask for a refund:

FantEssay guarantees the full money-back guarantee if the customer cancels the order before hiring any writer for work. In this case, the customer will get his amount back in his bank account. 

But once the writer is assigned to work, the customer cannot cancel the order. In this situation, the fund amount varies depending upon the company’s and expert’s efforts.

 But when the work is completed and uploaded, the claim for refund is checked by the Quality Assurance department of FantEssay, which decides the payback amount.

Late delivery:

FantEssay always tries to complete the work on time. But in case of a late delivery, an appropriate amount of money is refunded to the customer. 

In another case, if this late delivery is because of the customer’s inability to provide the proper information to the expert on time, there is no refund guarantee. Customers are requested to provide accurate information while filling out the form.

The company will provide a partial refund if customer’s work is delivered after the deadline. 

Customer satisfaction:

Fantessay always tries to fulfil the requirements of customers. We do our best to satisfy our customers by providing quality writing.

If the customers are unsatisfied and ask for a refund, then their claim is checked by the Quality Assurance department. It will conduct the investigation. After the investigation, the department will decide whether or not customers are provided with money. 

Quality issues:

Fantessay provides high-quality writing without plagiarism. If the customers have some issues related to quality, they can claim a refund. 

Sometimes the text doesn’t fulfil customers’ requirements, which leads to dissatisfaction. And customers send a refund request. The quality Assurance team of Fantessay will check the quality of work. For this, the customers must provide feedback related to the issues related to the product. Then the team will investigate the number of mistakes in the paper. Then the team will decide the amount of pay back money. 

Accidental orders by customers:

If you have ordered any service on our website by mistake, inform us as soon as possible. It would be best to tell us that you accidentally placed an order. Our team will process a reimbursement if the expert has yet to be assigned. In this situation, you can cancel the order and can claim for money. 

Refund process of Fantessay:

Once the Quality Assurance department decides to refund customers, it sends a confirmation notification to the customers. And the company starts processing within a week of sending the notification. 

Refunds are done through the customers’ bank account.

The company is not responsible for bank transfer fees, any issue related to the customer’s account, or any transfer issue or delay due to the customer’s bank service issues.


Who cannot claim a refund:

In the following cases, customers cannot claim a reimbursement:

Our website provides better learning opportunities by providing the best writing assistance. We will upgrade your academic results through our writing services. But you cannot claim a refund if you didn’t get the expected grades. We complete the task according to the requirements of customers. 

Similarly, if the proofreading or editing doesn’t meet your expectations, you cannot ask for a repayment because customers must provide accurate data to the experts. So if the errors are because of the mistakes in material provided by customers, the company is not responsible for that.

There is a specific time to request a refund after the order is delivered. Once this time has passed, then you cannot claim to return the money.

In case of any questions related to the refund policy of FantEssay, you can contact us on our website: [email protected]

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