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Terms and conditions of FantEssay high quality writing services

Terms and conditions:

Fantessay is an online website that helps students get the best quality writing services related to “write an essay for me” and many others that helps them to improve their academic performance. Our website helps customers in writing after paying for services.

It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of the website carefully before using or accessing our website.

Terms and conditions are the legal agreement between the customers and the website. When you click on the agree button, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to all the points mentioned in the terms and conditions.

 If you don’t agree to the terms and conditions, you cannot use the services of Fantessay. 


Meanings of different terminologies:

Before moving towards terms and conditions, there are a few terms that everyone needs to know to understand what they are reading. 

  • Terms such as “You”, “customers”, or “clients” refers to someone who is going to avail of the service of Fantessay as well as providing information and payments.
  • The company, we and us, refers to Fantessay.
  • Website refers to the website of Fantessay: Professional Writing Service
  • Expert refers to those hired by Fantessay to provide the best writing services to the customers who place their orders.
  • Service is the help the experts provide to those who place orders on our website. 
  • Order is the request submitted by the customers on the website to the writers of their choice to help them complete their essays or any other assignments. 
  • Content means all the information, material, data, and services present on the website which is accessible to the customer. 
  • The team represents a group of people in the company who are responsible for providing help to the customers regarding services.

General information about FantEssay:

You agree to our terms and conditions when you access our page or website and use our services. Before using our services, you are supposed to provide us with your personal information for further processing because we need this information to utilise the services. 

Our services have been provided to customers of age more than 16 years. If you are under 16, you must show your parents or guardians these policies so they can read and properly understand them on your behalf. Before providing personal information, make sure that you have reviewed this information with the parents or guardians.

 Make sure that provided information is true. Data should not be illegal or false because you are responsible for the information provided to the website. You are accountable for all the risks related to your provided data.

Fantessay doesn’t ask you to provide personal or irrelevant details to any expert or third party related to the website. According to the Privacy Policy, the website provides any information to a third party.


FantEssay Registration:

To use the Fantessay services, you must register your account on our website by providing your email and password to create an account. Try to use a strong password. 

After creating an account, you agree that you don’t share it with a third party; otherwise, you will be responsible for the results.

You must inform us if your account is used in an unauthorised way. We are not responsible for any loss that occurs because of activities carried out on your account, either by you or someone else.

You can also use your existing accounts on Google or Facebook. You must agree to provide accurate information during the registration process.


About services of Fantessay:

Fantessay provides different services to customers and guarantees high-quality writing with complete uniqueness. We provide services such as essays, research, coursework, case study, dissertations, letter writing, resume/CV, homework help, articles, story, projects, a thesis and others. It also includes editing, double-checking, and proofreading your text before delivering it. 

All the services are processed if they are ordered in a proper format. These services are provided to you by our qualified and experienced writers according to your instructions. We also follow your instructions, such as writing format can be a Word document or Excel file, or any other file according to your request.

Our supportive team assures you of the uniqueness of your work. There is a full guarantee of no plagiarism. We completely reject the copy-paste technique. Moreover,  we also check spelling, grammar, and punctuation marks and do an in-depth study of your work to make it perfect and fit according to your choice. You can get your order when your order and payment are approved.


Payment & Fees:

Fantessay provides you with the services after getting the charges. You must agree that your order will only be delivered with payment. You must check the prices of services before placing any order. We can also ask for additional charges if you demand additional services or editing, and you will get a notification for extra charges. If you don’t provide us with information or material related to your work on time, it will also lead to extra charges. Price of service depends on the type of order. We offer different rates for different services. 

While using a debit or credit card for payment, make sure you authorise it, and your card must support the currency described in the order form. Sometimes Fantessay offers promotions or discount prices for some services you will get a notification about such offers. But such discounts are not applicable once you pay for an order. 

A third-party payment processor carries out the payment process. You agree to use your personal information by the third-party payment processor. If you change your payment method, you must inform us so our payment processor can complete the transaction.

How to order?

There is an order form present on the website of Fantessay. Once you have decided to place an order on our website, you have to move on to the order form. You must fill out the form with the required information. 

We request accurate information for processing. In case of inaccurate information, customers cannot avail our services.

You can correct your information before submitting your order form. This order form also asks for personal information about you and your account and some additional documents mentioned in the Privacy Policy of Fantessay. Your order’s deadline starts right after your order’s confidentiality and payment. 

Your order will be accessible in the control panel after it is completed. It automatically gets approved after one week if you don’t ask for editing.


Order delivery:

Fantessay ensures you meet the deadlines and delivers the content on time. You agree that the information provided by you, such as your email address, is correct. We are not responsible for any wrong information. 

Once the order is completed, customers will get a notification through email. You can download it through the link sent to your email after delivery; customers must review the order before approving it. After 8 days, when you don’t send any revision requests, the funds are released, and the order is completed.



Once you submit your order, you accept the following statements of Fantessay and cite the given information properly:

  • All the services provided to the customers required some charges for the research, organising, editing, correcting, delivering the product and other educational purposes.
  • Customers agree that all the information provided on the website is accurate. Make sure that the website and the contents provided on it will not be used for illegal purposes. 
  • Without written consent,  customers are not allowed to use, copy, share or post the material received from the website of Fantessay. The provided material is for personal use only. 
  • The purpose of providing the papers on our website is to make you understand how to make a better assignment with the correct citation and specific format style such as APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, etc. 
  • We assure you of plagiarism-free content, but if you find plagiarism above 10%, you are eligible for a refund policy. 

Fantessay writers are very diligent. So you agree that they invest their time and skills in collecting information for you to make your content suitable according to your requirements; as a result, they must receive compensation. 

If you have any doubts related to the terms and conditions, you can contact us at: [email protected]

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